Cane, Rush Work & Lloyd Loom

Thomas Charles specialises in the restoration of cane and rush work. This encompasses many different types of weaving techniques and patterns and designs using a variety of pliable materials. It is not possible to repair cane or rush seats and they will need completely replaced. A break is usually an indication that the material in question is brittle and the old cane will always show wear in comparison to the new.

This is a very traditional and time consuming process performed by hand requiring an expert level of skill to ensure a uniform and neat appearance and the correct tension in order to maintain strength and avoid sagging.

We have replaced the cane and rush work on countless sofas and chairs for both trade and domestic customers. Many antique chairs have been lovingly restored to their former glory. We have had the pleasure of working on several Begere suite restoration projects a few of which can be found in some of the most lavish interiors in the region.

We at Thomas Charles Upholstery also repair Lloyd Loom furniture. Lloyd Loom is often mistakenly referred to as cane. It is in fact, a paper twisted and woven with paper wrapped wire and was invented in 1917 as a more precise, robust alternative to wicker and cane. Original Lloyd Loom furniture is made from a stem-bent beech frame and is very strong and durable and well worth repairing.

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