French Polishing

We are very proud to say that our skilled team of upholsterers and cabinetmakers are also able offer a top class French polishing service. We have restored many beautiful antique desks, tables and other more unusual pieces of furniture for both trade and domestic clients.

French polishing produces a high gloss wood finish with a deep colour and chatoyancy. It is considered the best finish for fine furniture, typically mahogany and other expensive hardwoods. We at Thomas Charles have skilled craftsmen on hand to restore the finest furniture and antiques using this traditional process first developed in the eighteenth century. This process is also used on the finest string instruments and pianos to enhance their appearance.

Here at Thomas Charles we use all traditional materials and techniques to emphasise and protect the natural beauty and lustre of the wood. We apply between 70-150 layers of shellac dissolved in alcohol using a rubbing pad lubricated with oil. Each layer has to dry before the next layer is applied making this a very repetitive and laborious process. Every item is hand finished and no sprays are ever used. The results are an elegant high gloss shine superior to any other finish.

Patch repairs on a French polished item are simpler to repair than a varnished item as the polish can be successfully blended in to make a patch repair, we shall be happy to assess damage and restore almost anything requiring French polishing.

Please contact us for a quotation and ask about our pick-up and delivery service.