Heavy Duty Repairs

In days gone by it was common practise to repair an item wherever possible to avoid the need to replace it. Today the desire to replace a huge variety of items for the latest, newest model often surpasses the need to repair. Consequently, it is not always easy to find craftsmen and artisans with the traditional tools and skills needed to facilitate unusual repairs. Here at Thomas Charles, we see the value in repairing and restoring items of quality. We have an extensive array of tools and machines, and experienced, skilled craftsmen that enable us to offer all of the services listed below:

  • Tool and scissor sharpening
  • Repair broken zips in leather boots and jackets
  • Repair Biker’s leathers
  • Repair leather belts
  • Restore traditional fire bellows
  • Restore traditional rocking horses
  • Horse drawn carriage restoration
  • Traditional crib restoration
  • Refurbish leather desk tops
  • Caravan interior refurbishment
  • Boat interior/ Sail repairs

In short…we shall try to repair almost anything!!

A recent restoration/repair project that we had the honour of completing was the desk belonging to the late Eric Lomax author of The Railway Man.

Please give us a call on 01668 283 339 and we will be happy to give advice on any repair or restoration project!